Spicy Napa Cabbage Kimchi 16 oz Glass Jar (Fermented)


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Napa Cabbage Kimchi (sliced), 막김치 (Mak Kim Chee).

Spicy, sour, tangy, crispy, and savory Napa Cabbage Kimchi made by Mama Kim!

Spicy Napa Cabbage kimchi is the most well known and consumed type of kimchi. Napa Cabbages are full of vitamin A, B, C, Calcium, Iron and are known to be good for the digestive system. Napa cabbages are also very low in calories, so it can be helpful for weight loss. Fermented for best taste!


Napa Cabbage, Korean Radish, Garlic, Yellow Onion, Mustard Leaf, Scallion, Korean Chili Powder (Gochugaru), Sweet Rice, Red Pepper, Sugar, Dried Bay Shrimp, Anchovy Extract, Shrimp Extract, Salt, Ginger, Pear